Market Research

  • The market countries / countries that are appropriate for your products are determined.
  • Potential customers related to your sector are searched by manual methods.
  • As a result of the research, all companies are checked one by one with great meticulously both the timeliness of the companies and the compliance with the criteria of being a customer for your products.
  • As a result of the research, the product branches and manufacturer information of the customer companies will be included in the prepared list. This will allow you to analyze your competitors better; you’ll also be able to see which product categories your lead is working for.
  • Potential customer companies that have gone through rigorous control stages are listed with contact information to be presented to you.
  • The completed market research leads list will be sent to you via e-mail. Upon request, your company or Eximecs Ankara or Istanbul offices will be delivered to you in a meeting environment.