According to TUIK data, industrial production index in Turkey according to 2018 data pass this endex steadily increasing average 114%. However, the growth in industrial production does not change significantly compared to the previous years. At this point, producers need to open to overseas markets in order to hold on to the heavily competitive market system, obtain foreign currency and expand foreign trade volume by bringing foreign currency to the country.

Every producer wants to realize the goal of branding as the owner of the labor he produces in the country as well as abroad. At this point, solid and safe steps to be taken in import and export play an important role. These processes require considerable time and knowledge. Producers can often lose time and money with departments or individual initiatives to be established within the company.

Eximecs offers professional services in this context. It minimizes all these losses and carries out all the necessary works for your company on your behalf and provides you with the necessary infrastructure. It supports you in all processes from reaching the suppliers abroad, from the sales process, from international agreements to customs and logistics processes to important areas requiring information and infrastructure. Incentive researches, business trips abroad, exhibitions and notifications are also minimized once again.

Briefly, Eximecs adds prestige to your company and provides you the opportunity to meet at many points in the country and leads you to be represented in the best way abroad.

As a department for you;

  • The market research
  • Promotion emails and Promotion
  • International Social Media Management
  • Mobile Customer Interviews
  • Domestic Customer Interviews
  • International Customer Visits
  • Fair Participation Activities
  • Translations of Tender Specifications
  • Incentive Information supports you in many areas such as this through your studies.

Eximecs offers the possibility to choose the areas your company needs especially in separate packages. For more information about Eximecs package, please click on the following packages.